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Asare’s Den Restaurant was established July 2007 by Carl and Magalie Bampoe-Parry . They both reside in Somerset with their two children.  Prior to owning and operating the restaurant, Carl was an elementary school teacher, then a middle school vice-principal.    Carl’s dream was to one day open a restaurant that would cater to many different cultures, the diverse menu( choices) prove that.

This eclectic restaurant is located at 855 Hamilton St. Somerset, NJ. It features art work, clothing, and doors  from Ghana. The restaurant allows for an open, relaxed atmosphere in a refreshingly well-lit space.

The menu consists of West African, Caribbean, and Soul Food. The West African menu consists of Soups which  are eaten with fufu (either pounded plantain and cassava or yam), We have boiled yam, rice, plantain served with different stews. The most common soups are light soup, palmnut soup, and groundnut (peanut) soup. We have  omo tuo (mashed rice balls with groundnut soup), jollof rice, red-red (fried plantain and bean sauce), kenkey (boiled fermented corn dough) and fish, kelewele (deep fried and heavily spiced plantain) and shito (hot pepper sauce).

The Soul Food consist of Fried chicken, whiting, macaroni & cheese, cabbage, sweet potatoes, and cornbread. The Caribbean cuisine consists of  (boiled then fried pork or cabri -goat-, requires good teeth...) (fresh Conch in a thick sauce, my (fried Plantain discs, yummy!)  (Rice cooked in with Red Kidney Beans,)  (Rice cooked in with Black Mushrooms, addictive!) Come in and dine with us, to experience cuisine from West Africa, the Caribbean Islands, and the South.