All Kids Catering



Asare’s Den Vegetarian Option For Kids

 Mixed or Red Beans and White Rice

Apple Butter on Wheat Bread

 Grill Cheese Wheat Bread

  Meatless Chilly W/Red Beans

  Egg Salad Sandwich

  Egg Salad over Mixed green salad

  Salad filled whole Wheat Wrap

 Vegetarian Lasagna = W/tomato sauce, spinach, & cheeses

Whole wheat Ziti W/tomato sauce & cheese

Whole wheat Spaghetti W/Tomato sauce & Graded cheese

Vegetable Chowder W/cubed potatoes Corn & sweet peas

  Potato Pancake W/Apple sauce

  Waffles W/Sliced Banana    

 Pancakes W/Sliced Banana

  Cheese Vegetable Soup         

 Macaroni and Cheese

 Cream of Tomato Rice Soup

 Vegetable Soup